In the near future Hatch & Blossom will be launching a new series – the Hatch & Blossom Day Retreat. For all of those wishing to take a mini vacation away from the norm. These retreats adapt to the needs of your mind, body & soul; whether it be fitness, relaxation, pampering or invigorating. We’ve created a New Zealand day yoga and meditation retreat for women that epitomizes what a ‘treat’ for women should be about – pure indulgence, luxury, rejuvenation & care – allowing you to take time out for yourself and recharge your batteries in  our paradise.

It’ll go something like this: 

Upon waking, take a deep breath and smile at your fortune knowing that in a short while you’ll be arriving at the Hatch & Blossom Avocado Orchard. Your day will begin with a fresh juice, an invigorating Coconut water or herbal tea brew of your choice. Enjoy an easy orientation, introduction to your mat and welcome to our place of sanctuary for the entire day. Your first yoga flow of the day will begin here.

Post practice you will have the opportunity to rest before being guided into written mediation. Using it as a process of inquiry, tap into the inner channels, loosen up attachments, habitual states of mind and sharpen your ability to attend to the present moment. This written meditation can cultivate your awareness in body and mind. It is likely that expectations, fears, pleasures and judgments will arise. At the end of the session, elongate the life of your discoveries by making the wish that whatever insight you gained will produce positive effects for yourself and those around you.

The natural progression of the day brings laughter and chatter along side your teachers and hosts as you continue to move deeper into your happy space. Your delicious retreat goodie basket will be presented to you at this point for you to dip in and fill your tank. Our gorgeous baskets are bundled up especially for you by a top local Café and are full of goodies from the renowned Tauranga Farmers market. An array of delicious fruits and healthy snacks (including avocado and citrus from our orchard) along with fresh water are on offer to inject every guest with a good dose of nourishment and ensure energy levels are kept to a maximum throughout the day.

Post picnic you’ll have the chance to wander the grounds in silent leisure to drink in nature at work. Your free time is for you. You may choose to pick up treasures, sit on the lakes edge or perhaps simply relax by choosing a tree to lie under and stare up through the leaves pulling in your rustic surrounds listening to bird song.

Arriving at your mat a second yoga flow will bring you back to your breath and move you into a guided meditation. Sit in stillness and team up with your awareness. Depart your busy world and take this time to move through your spiritual development. Pure happiness and enlightenment depend upon the kindness of living beings.

Moving into mid afternoon hone your floral skills with a flower arranging class. Our divine local artist will take you through building a gorgeous arrangement and share specific skills to build your confidence. Your beautiful creation will go home with you, to be a later reminder of your special day.

Your retreat comes to a close with happy farewells and a generous produce parcel to take you into your week.

Each Hatch & Blossom day yoga and meditation retreat is designed with your health and wellbeing in mind. Throughout your mini escape we provide high quality instructors to guide you through all retreat activities, helping you to maximize the benefits on your mind, body and soul. After your day retreat you will leave the orchard feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and recharged.